When it Comes to Taking CBD, Amount and Dosage Matter

Now that you’ve found the perfect CBD productto try, it’s time to talk about dosage. One of the most commonly asked questions regarding CBD is “how much of it should I take in order to find relief?” One of the reasons why CBD dosage is such a complicated issue is because the dosage level that can provide incredible relief to one person might not be effective at all to another.  

Fortunately, however, there are some ways to figure out how much CBD to take each day based on your unique body as well as what it is that you’re trying to address.  

Additionally, figuring out the correct dosage doesn’t have to be a frustrating process as CBD, unlike many medications, isn’t associated with overdose or serious side effects.  Therefore, you can feel comfortable experimenting with your dosage level until you find what works for you.

We’re gonna help you figure out the right dosage level based on a variety of factors.  By the end of this article, you should feel much more confident determining the proper amount to take in order to get the results that you desire.

Why Dosage Level is So Important

Figuring out the proper dosage level is crucial.  CBD has been clinically shown to have the potential to treat a wide range of issues such as arthritis pain, migraines, panic disorder and depression.  In order to reap its potential benefits, it’s very important that you take the right amount for your specific body and needs. 

If you fail to take the proper dosage of CBD, you might not experience its potential healing effects at all.  Many people are afraid to take a full dose of CBD because they aren’t familiar with the compound and fear that they may experience adverse effects.  However, research shows that adverse effects are incredibly rare, as the most commonly reported side effect of CBD is mild drowsiness that can actually benefit sleep.

Now, if you take a dosage of CBD that’s lower than what your body requires, you might give up on this compound because you don’t believe that it actually works.  Sadly, many people have reported that CBD hasn’t worked for them simply because they weren’t taking enough, or because they gave up on it before it got a chance to accumulate in their system. 

How to Determine the Right Dosage Level for Your Needs

In order to get the most out of your hemp experience, it’s important to take a variety of factors into consideration.  Below, you’ll discover all of the things to keep in mind before determining how much to take each day.

Why are You Taking CBD in the First Place?

Before anything else, you have to ask yourself what you’re trying to get out of your CBD experience.  As you know, CBD may be able to help with a wide range of symptoms and ailments. What it is that you’re specifically trying to manage can determine the right dosage level for you.

For example, those who are looking to take CBD to simply unwind after a stressful day at work will likely not require a large dose.  These people can take low concentrations at dosage levels that are relatively small.  That’s because their symptoms are not so severe that they require a higher amount of CBD in order to experience relief.

Meanwhile, someone who suffers from fibromyalgia may find that the recommended dose on the back of a CBD product bottle isn’t enough in order to help with their symptoms. That’s because conditions like fibromyalgia can cause severe, widespread pain as well as extreme mood changes. These people will likely require a much higher dose than the people who are just looking to relax after a difficult day.

What Type of CBD Product Will You be Using?

Also, your dosage level has a lot to do with what type of CBD product you’re using.  For instance, ingesting CBD affects the body in a way that’s very different from vaping it.  Therefore, the dosage level that you would consume in the form of an edible might not be right if you’re looking to vape it in the form of an e-liquid.

  • Oral tinctures:Tend to take effect within a half hour and provide effects that can last for several hours.
  • Vape oils: Usually act within ten minutes but stop producing effects after about an hour.
  • Capsules:Can take up to an hour to take effect but many find that the effects last well into the late afternoon when consumed in the morning.
  • CBD Edible:Also require about an hour or so to take effect and can last for several hours.
  • Topical Creams and Lotions:These CBD products can take effect in as little as ten minutes and may provide relief that lasts all day.

The proper dosage for you largely depends on which product you choose.  For instance, vaping a CBD oil might not require a high dosage because its effects are stronger since they take effect so quickly. However, if you’re taking a CBD edible to manage debilitating pain, a high dosage might be better since its effects are more subtle as the CBD is processed through the liver.

Your Unique Endocannabinoid System

It’s widely believed that how much CBD we should take has to do with the level of cannabinoids that already exists within the body.  Our body has an endocannabinoid system that produces these cannabinoids on its own in order to help the body reach homeostasis.  It’s believed that many of us are deficient in cannabinoids, resulting in a wide range of physical and mental symptoms.  So, it’s possible that your ideal dosage level depends on how many cannabinoids you naturally produce on your own.

CBD Products Have Different Strengths

Remember that CBD products come in different concentrations.  So, if you’re using a tincture that has a 1500mg concentration of CBD, you’ll likely be able to feel better with a lower dosage, while, if you’re using a tincture that has a 500mg concentration, you may need a higher dosage.

Your Unique Body

The other factor that determines the proper dosage level for you is your body.  Everyone’s body is different.  We all process compounds in a different way and all have different ways in which our bodies metabolize CBD.  Some people are more sensitive to CBD others, meaning that a small dose is all they need.  Other people may require larger doses simply because their body is not sensitive enough. It’s also possible that your body weight determines how much CBD you need, although this has not yet been proven.

Quality of the Product is Important

The quality of your CBD can also determine how much you should take each day.  If you’re using a low-quality product, it likely doesn’t contain enough potency to provide the profound effects you’re looking for.  Therefore, you’ll have to take a much higher dose.

Generally speaking, high-quality CBD is the way to go.  It’s important to find a company that makes potent, pure hemp products.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

It’s always recommended that you start with a low dose and increase it as needed.  For some people, it can take a couple of weeks for the CBD to actually provide noticeable effects.  Give it a couple weeks before increasing your dosage.

Follow the Directions on the Label

Always check the product’s label as it should provide you with dosage information.

Talk to Your Doctor

Although CBD is nontoxic, we strongly urge you to speak to your doctor before taking it as a way to treat a symptom or condition.  Your doctor might be able to help you determine the right dosage for you based on your symptoms and your medical history.

Proper Dosage is Always Key

When taken in the right dosage, CBD has the potential to provide a wide spectrum of positive effects to the mind and body.

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