At NombaOne, you can feel refreshed, renewed and relaxed with our delicious, highly beneficial PCR-Infused Water Shots. These tasty concoctions provide you with active broad-spectrum hemp oil, giving you all the benefits for which CBD is known. These shots are easy to take and are made with only the best ingredients. Simply put, taking a […]

Should You Take CBD Before Working Out?

If you’re a CBD enthusiast who also enjoys an active lifestyle, you’re probably wondering how this natural, plant-based compound interacts with the body during exercise. There’s a common misconception that all hemp-based products leave a person feeling drowsy and unable to exert physical effort. However, as you’ll learn, that’s not necessarily true. CBD is renowned […]

The Effects of CBD for Migraine and Tension Headache Symptoms

If you suffer from chronic migraines or tension headaches, you’re far from alone. Headaches and migraines are common conditions that can be severe enough to seriously destroy a person’s life. Many people who have suffered from headaches their whole lives have tried a wide variety of treatments with varying levels of success. Sadly, many people […]

Top 5 CBD Friendly States

While CBD has been around basically forever, only recently did we discover that this plant-based compound can treat such a wide range of health-related issues. Now that CBD is legal in most of the country, countless Americans are discovering that this natural health aid is dramatically improving their well-being. Of course, the legal status of […]