Making CBD Part of Your Skincare Regimen

With CBD becoming all the rage in the natural health market, we’re hearing about more and more studies that show how this natural compound has the potential to treat common ailments like headache pain, arthritis, anxiety, sleep disorders and digestive disorders.  However, CBD experts are now finding that this multi-tasking cannabinoid might have certain unique benefits […]

Does Flavor Matter When It Comes to Oral Tinctures?

As the CBD market continues to grow, more and more companies are releasing their own lines of hemp-infused tinctures that are intended to be used for therapeutic purposes. Oral tinctures are becoming increasingly popular as they have unique benefits that make them the preferred administration method of choice among a large portion of the CBD community. […]

How Celebrities Can Further Help the CBD Industry

If you’ve been keeping up on your celebrity news, you may have noticed that there’s a trend that’s taken Hollywood by storm.  CBD is a natural, plant-based compound that’s given some of our very favorite stars incredible relief.  From glamorous starlets to well-established actors, it seems like every A-lister we follow has begun treating their […]

CBD for Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is a widely misunderstood condition that affects about one percent of the population.  Mostly affecting women, this condition puts the sufferer at extreme risk of death and other severe health complications.  Those who have a loved one with anorexia nervosa suffer along as they watch their friend or family member slowly lose their […]

Can CBD Possibly Help Control High Blood Pressure?

Each year, three million Americans are diagnosed with high blood pressure.  With more and more cases popping up each year, it’s safe to say that this condition is far from uncommon.  High blood pressure can put a person at serious risk of a wide array of health problems, meaning that managing it properly is crucial. […]

2019 CBD Travel Flight Tips

With the legal status of cannabis constantly changing in the United States, many travelers are wondering how to properly take their CBD with them as they journey across the country.  While CBD isn’t considered an illegal substance according to federal law, it’s still possible that its presence in your bag can raise a few eyebrows […]

Taking CBD for Dental Pain

Dental pain has many causes, but all that matters at the time that the pain is occurring is finding fast, long-lasting relief. Surprisingly, CBD might be what you need if you’re dealing with dental pain.  As a gentle yet highly effective pain reliever, this hemp-derived compound seems to have what it takes to provide fast, […]

Can CBD Products Expire?

For those serious about treating an ailment with CBD, you’re probably willing to spend a good deal of money to do so.  As most of us know by now, the quality of a CBD product can vary dramatically from manufacturer to manufacturer.  If you’re going to go with the most high-quality hemp that you can […]

A Medical Showdown: CBD vs. Painkillers

For those out there who haven’t noticed by now, CBD seems to be dominating the natural health market.  One of the most beloved things about this hemp-derived compound is the way in which it provides amazing relief without any of the side effects for which popular painkiller drugs are known. Proven to relieve all types […]