How Effective Can CBD/Hemp Products Be for MMA Fighters?

In the past couple of years, CBD has become a massively popular alternative to conventional drugs. Its enormous success has led to a series of studies that have demonstrated this natural compound’s amazing effects on the mind and body. Now, this hemp-derived product is creeping into the world of sports thanks to its unique ability to treat a wide variety of ailments that commonly affect athletes.

In fact, this plant-based product can help with everything from fight-related injuries to the stress associated with a particularly important match.

MMA Fighters Using and Relying on CBD

Here are just some of the ways and methods that CBD can offer an assist:

Pain Relief

It’s hard to deny the fact that demanding athletic activities and physical pain go hand in hand. Many MMA fighters develop chronic pain due to the constant stress that’s put on their body. Between training and fighting, the body can become overworked and injured, resulting in pain that’s so intense that the fighter has to take a long break in order to recover.

Many fighters turn to popular pain medications in order to cope. The problem is that many popular painkillers are dangerous if taken over long periods of time. Even over-the-counter medicines can lead to serious side effects if taken on a daily basis.

The good news is that CBD can treat severe, chronic pain in a natural, gentle way. This non-addictive compound has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation throughout the body. CBD also increases a person’s pain tolerance by interfering with the nervous system’s ability to send pain signals to the brain.

Performance Anxiety

It’s not unusual for MMA fighters to develop anxiety. The incredible pressure to win a match can leave a fighter feeling edgy and nervous. Plus, the physical demands of being a fighter can cause a person to burn out mentally.

If you tend to feel anxious before a big match, CBD may be what you need. As it turns out, CBD is a potent anxiolytic that slows down the nervous system and promotes a clear mind. While many anti-anxiety medications are notorious for making a person feel sleepy and unmotivated, CBD can leave you feeling refreshed.

CBD lowers anxiety levels by decreasing the amount of cortisol that’s secreted from the brain. Cortisol is a hormone that can wreak havoc on the body if produced in high numbers.

Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for an MMA fighter to get injured during a fight. Even with the regulations that are in place, accidents happen. One of the biggest risks associated with fighting is getting hit in the head and suffering a traumatic brain injury.

Concussions are not unheard of in any particularly demanding sport. One of the scariest things about a concussion is that symptoms can take hours to appear, meaning that a person can continue performing rather than receiving the treatment that they urgently need.

Fascinatingly, CBD may be the very first treatment for traumatic brain injuries. With its neuroprotective properties, CBD might be able to protect the neurons in the brain while stimulating the development of healthy, new brain cells. It can also help with the symptoms associated with a concussion such as brain fog, dizziness, anxiety and headaches.

Enhanced Focus and Energy

Even the most devoted MMA fighters can have days when they feel unmotivated, lethargic and unfocused. Needless to say, these traits aren’t exactly conducive to winning a match.

Many fighters turn to stimulants in order to get their head in the game. While commonly used stimulants like coffee and energy drinks may provide a fighter with a quick boost of energy, that energy comes at a cost. These products are known to make a person feel jittery, edgy and irritable.

CBD, on the other hand, can boost cognition without any of those side effects. It acts as a very gentle stimulant, improving cognitive function of the brain without aggressively stimulating the nervous system.

Is CBD a Drug?

CBD is not classified as a drug. CBD comes from the hemp plant, a member of the cannabis family. Marijuana also belongs to the cannabis family. However, hemp does not contain the high level of THC that is found in marijuana. It won’t get a user high since it contains no psychoactive compounds.


Is CBD Safe?

CBD is considered safe to take over a long period of time. It builds up in the body slowly without putting a user at risk of overdose. It supplements the body with the cannabinoids that it needs in order to keep all of the body’s processes functioning properly.

Will CBD Register on a Drug Test?

If you purchase a CBD product that comes from the hemp plant, it will almost definitely not show up on a drug test. Hemp-derived CBD has no more than 0.3 percent THC. This percentage is much too small to register on a drug test.

How to Take CBD if You’re an MMA Fighter

There are many ways in which you can take CBD. If you’re trying to treat localized pain caused by a recent injury, you might want to choose a topical CBD product that can be massaged into the skin. Topical CBD products work by absorbing through the skin and permeating the affected tissue.

If you wish to take CBD to deal with widespread pain, anxiety or a lack of energy, consider consuming CBD internally. Hemp tinctures are extremely popular because they’re easy to take and provide long-lasting effects. Edible CBD products such as candies are also widely popular.

The Best Hemp Products for MMA Fighters

Here are few recommend NombaOne products for all you octagon fighters out there:

Muscle Jelly 150MG

Was formulated for athletes who are looking to relieve pain in a natural way. This product contains full spectrum hemp that’s rich in anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It absorbs quickly once it’s been massaged into the skin, guaranteeing fast relief.

RAW HEALTH “REFRESH” Strawberry Water

A refreshing strawberry-flavored beverage that’s rich in potent CBD. This particular product is designed to provide a gentle boost of energy that lasts all day long. Plus, it tastes absolutely delicious.

NombaOne Orange Tango

A hemp tincture that can provide you with tremendous relief. Its effects can last throughout the day, helping you feel calm and free of pain. The citrusy flavor makes it a pleasure to consume.

Consider CBD

If you’re an MMA fighter, consider adding CBD to your daily regimen for widespread relief.


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