How Celebrities Can Further Help the CBD Industry

If you’ve been keeping up on your celebrity news, you may have noticed that there’s a trend that’s taken Hollywood by storm.  CBD is a natural, plant-based compound that’s given some of our very favorite stars incredible relief.  From glamorous starlets to well-established actors, it seems like every A-lister we follow has begun treating their ailments with the magic of hemp.

So, what is it about CBD that’s made it so incredibly popular among industry royalty?  And, what does its success mean for the future of the CBD industry?  As we all know, celebrities have a tremendous influence over our society, meaning that the future keeps looking brighter and brighter for CBD enthusiasts around the world.

What’s the Connection Between Hollywood Stars and CBD?

When you think about it, it’s not that surprising that Hollywood is all over the CBD trend. After all, Hollywood is located in California, a state in which cannabis use is perfectly legal.  As a derivative of cannabis, CBD comes from the hemp plant, a cousin of the marijuana plant.  However, the hemp plant doesn’t contain psychoactive properties like marijuana does.  This means that our favorite celebrities can experience the relief that hemp provides without experiencing mind-altering effects while sticking to their busy schedules.

In California, the CBD industry has taken off as more and more companies are distributing their cannabis products in states in which it’s legal to consume.  Countless businesses are popping up in our favorite stars’ neighborhoods, selling CBD products that help with everything from fibromyalgia pain to chronic panic attacks.

Besides, celebrities just seem to have access to the latest and greatest products way before the general public does.  It’s no surprise that many a-listers have been using CBD for years, long before hemp-infused goodies hit the shelves of our local convenience stores.

How Exactly Does CBD Work?

With their busy schedules and demanding lifestyles, celebrities want something that’s effective, easy to take and long-lasting when it comes to treating their various issues. That’s why CBD is such a safe bet. Research indicates that CBD has the potential to treat a wide range of common ailments without any serious side effects.  Celebrities are quickly finding that by simply chewing on a couple CBD gummies or vaping a tasty CBD oil each day, they can experience profound relief from their symptoms.

CBD is so effective because it works with the body’s endocannabinoid system.  Unlike drugs that treat symptoms, CBD may treat the underlying cause of an issue by supplying the body with the cannabinoids that it craves in order to maintain crucial bodily processes such as inflammation, immune function, memory and mood.

An added bonus is that CBD doesn’t require a prescription since it’s perfectly legal to consume across the country.  It comes in many easy-to-take products including oral tinctures, e-liquids, topical creams and digestible capsules.

Find Out What Your Favorite Stars are Using CBD For

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has maintained a “girl next door” persona since her days on primetime television, making her one of the most likeable and relatable celebrities in Hollywood.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that her endorsement of CBD has inspired tons of fans to give this plant compound a try.  Jen swears by CBD because it helps her with pain as well as anxiety.

As far as anxiety is concerned, Jen is probably onto something.  CBD has been found to have the potential to behave as both an antidepressant and an anxiolytic.  This has to do with the way in which it balances the neurotransmitters in the brain. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is secreted from the brain when a person believes that they are in danger.  When the brain produces excessive levels of cortisol, they can experience symptoms of anxiety as the nervous system begins to increase its function.  CBD may slow down the secretion of cortisol while boosting serotonin levels, resulting in a calmer and happier state of mind.

Oliver Stone

Anyone who has followed Oliver Stone’s prolific career knows that he is a Vietnam War veteran who uses his experiences to inform a good deal of his brilliant material.  While his time spent overseas is a large source of inspiration for him, it’s also an incredible source of pain.  As a PTSD sufferer, Stone has experienced his fair share of anxiety over the years.

However, Stone recently stated that he takes CBD to help with his PTSD symptoms.  As it turns out, CBD has been heavily studiedfor its effects on this unique type of anxiety.  The results are promising, demonstrating that CBD can help restructure the neurotransmitters that are associated with trauma.  CBD may also help with sleep issues that result from severe trauma.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman has had one of the most impressive careers in Hollywood history, making him an icon among generations of film fanatics.  While his life may seem enviable from the outside, the truth is that Freeman suffers from fibromyalgia, a condition that causes tremendous widespread pain and severe fatigue.  He first developed the disorder as the result of a serious car accident some years ago.

Freeman has become a vocal advocate for CBD after discovering that the compound dramatically improves his symptoms.  He takes CBD daily in order to manage his pain and mental state.  In fact, studies have found that CBD does have the potential to help specifically with fibromyalgia symptoms, mainly because of its uniquely powerful anti-inflammatory properties that relieve the inflammation associated with the condition.  CBD may also help ward off the depression that can sometimes result from living with fibromyalgia.

Olivia Wilde

Actress Olivia Wilde started experiencing chronic neck pain after spending several months on the Broadway stage.  Then she discovered CBD and hasn’t looked back since.  The actress swears by the stuff since it helps numb the pain that was keeping her up at night.  Thank goodness for that, as we’d hate to see her pause her amazing career!

CBD does, in fact, have the potential to treat severe pain thanks to its unique combination of anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity.  CBD helps reduce the pain and swelling of the tissue that’s caused by strain or injury.  The analgesic properties actually numb pain by stopping the nervous system from sending pain signals to receptors in the brain.

Montell Williams

When Montell Williams received his multiple sclerosis diagnosis some time ago, he probably thought that his life was over as he knew it.  This chronic condition affects the nerves along the brain and spinal cord, resulting in impaired mobility, speech and muscular coordination.  Additionally, it’s known for causing extreme fatigue that make it nearly impossible for someone as busy as Williams to maintain his busy schedule.

Then, Williams discovered CBD.  One study suggested that CBD has the potential to improve mobility in MS suffererswhile preserving the nerve cells along the spine.  Williams is now a devout CBD enthusiast, taking it regularly in order to manage his symptoms so that he can continue enjoying his successful career.

What This Means for the Future of the CBD Industry

It’s safe to say that Hollywood’s influence is being felt within the CBD industry.  After all, if our favorite stars swear by taking this cannabinoid daily, it’s probably good enough for the general public to consider exploring.

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