Does Flavor Matter When It Comes to Oral Tinctures?

As the CBD market continues to grow, more and more companies are releasing their own lines of hemp-infused tinctures that are intended to be used for therapeutic purposes. Oral tinctures are becoming increasingly popular as they have unique benefits that make them the preferred administration method of choice among a large portion of the CBD community.

If you’re looking to invest in a CBD oral tincturefor the first time, you might find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed due to all of the choices that are out there. Between different CBD concentrations, different carrier oils, different flavoring ingredients and different brands, it can be very hard to make the right decision for own personal hemp-related needs.

That’s why we’re here to help.  One of the biggest factors to consider before purchasing a CBD oral tincture is whether or not you want one that contains flavoring additives.  As you’ll see, a flavored CBD tincture has many unique benefits that increase the likeliness that your hemp experience will be a positive one.

What is an Oral Tincture?

An oral tincture is a liquid that is administered sublingually.  Typically, an oral tincture will come in a bottle that contains a dropper cap.  The dropper is meant to be placed under the tongue and squeezed so that the right amount of liquid lands directly onto the bottom portion of the mouth.  It’s held there for about one minute, allowing the liquid to absorb into the tongue tissue rather than being swallowed.

Oral tinctures typically combine an active ingredient with a carrier oil.  Obviously, with a CBD oral tincture, that active ingredient is CBD.  The carrier oil tends to be a flavorless oil that reduces the potency of the active ingredient so that the user receives the perfect amount of the active ingredient’s potentially therapeutic benefits.

In the case of CBD oral tinctures, the main ingredient is a very potent hemp extract that contains a high amount of CBD.  Some CBD tinctures contain full spectrum CBD, meaning that the hemp extract contains CBD along with all of the additional potentially beneficial compounds that are found in the hemp plant, while other tinctures contain CBD isolate, a highly concentrated CBD oil that contains no other plant material.

Benefits of Using an Oral Tincture Compared to Other Methods

Oral tinctures are very popular because of the unique ways in which they provide the effects of CBD to the body.  When the CBD is taken in the form of a tincture, its effects are felt much sooner compared to edible CBD products.  Despite the fast-acting nature of CBD oral tinctures, their effects can last for several hours depending on the user’s unique chemistry.

That’s why CBD tinctures are so common among those who have daily, chronic symptoms.  For instance, those who suffer from chronic pain conditions or general anxiety disorder may prefer to take an oral tincture because one dose may provide relief throughout the whole day. Meanwhile, alternative forms of administration like CBD vape oils act quickly but tend to stop being effective within an hour or so after use.

How Oral Tinctures Work

Oral tinctures work so well because of where they are placed in the mouth.  The location under the tongue absorbs liquid very quickly because of the arterial blood supply that’s in the lingual region.  This means that the CBD gets into your bloodstream very quickly.  Meanwhile, with edible CBD products, the compound must pass through the digestive system and be processed by the liver before it reaches the bloodstream.

Flavored Oral Tinctures

Today, you can find literally thousands of CBD oral tinctures on the market.  Typically, users first decide if they wish to purchase a flavored or unflavored CBD tincture.  Unflavored tinctures are not actually unflavored, technically speaking, as they taste and smell like cannabis.  The flavor profile of cannabis includes notes of pine, citrus and earthiness.

Many people enjoy taking unflavored CBD tinctures because they like to taste the unique flavor profile of a particular strain of hemp.  Cannabis connoisseurs take note of how different strains have slightly different tastes and aromas.

However, a large number of CBD enthusiasts prefer flavored tinctures.  These tinctures contain flavoring additives that work together to give the tincture a unique flavor profile.  Thanks to the popularity of CBD tinctures, you can choose between hundreds of different flavors out there including vanilla custard, tropical fruit, citrus, mint and more.

Benefits of Taking a Flavored Oral Tincture

A flavored oral tincture is a great choice for anyone who is totally new to CBD.  That’s because some people may be put off by the potent aroma and fragrance of cannabis since they simply aren’t used to it. By opting for a flavored tincture, they can find a product that has enough flavoring ingredients to mask cannabis’ natural flavor profile.

Additionally, some people prefer flavored tinctures simply because they’re fun.  From their perspective, why settle for an unflavored tincture when you can enjoy tastes like cotton candy and cereal while getting your daily dose of CBD?

Flavored oral tinctures may also help people curb their sugar cravings.  If a CBD user picks a particularly sweet flavor, they may find that their desire to indulge in sweets will decrease as a result.

Why a Flavored Oral Tincture Might Not be for You

A flavored oral tincture might not be for you if you prefer to taste the natural flavor of hemp. Some people find that being able to taste hemp in its pure state helps them verify the quality of the CBD itself. For others, flavoring additives tend to be too sweet, meaning that the experience of taking a flavored tincture is actually unpleasant.

Lastly, a flavored tincture might not be for you if you have certain allergies to ingredients that are found in popular flavoring additives.  

Find the Oral Tincture That Works for You

Now that you’ve figured out how to decide whether or not you want a flavored CBD oral tincture, you can start finding a high-quality hemp product to satisfy your unique needs. 

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