NombOne is a family owned and operated company.  We never really intended to jump in to the hemp extract space.  To be honest when I first heard about (CBD) or really Hemp Extract I thought it was a 100% hoax and another way for scammers to make a quick buck.

I was approached about this industry 3 years ago by a good friend.  He filled me in on the product he was producing at the time and the benefits. I didn’t bite. In fact, I really wanted nothing to do with it. I am over 10 years sober and the idea of anything cannabis related was just not something I wanted to be apart of.  The people I knew getting into this industry were not the kind I’d hold in the highest regard.  My perceptionregarding the products, the benefits, and effects were not positive.

A year passed and I was playing golf with a very good friend, who is a brother in sobriety with over 30 years, and somewhat of a mentor to me.  On about the 10thhole he was dripping something under his tongue.  I of course was curious and asked what it was?  When he told me CBD I was astonished!  My first words were “how can you be using that stuff and calling yourself sober?”  He immediately explained that this product helps immensely with his arthritis, circulation, and diabetes.  He went further to inform me that as for affecting his sobriety, these products have no psychogenic effects, and in no way would he ever use anything that would jeopardize his sobriety.  I asked a few more questions, my perspective started to change slightly however, I still had major reservations.

Then the bomb dropped, my brother went into the doctor’s office with back pain and cancer was found. He was a millwright, hard worker, and seemed invincible.  This news hit the family like a ton of bricks. The cancer had already spread throughout his body and the doctors wanted to put him on a morphine diet and gave him TWO WEEKS to live.

I immediately got on the phone to my resources in the CBD industry, started doing my homework, and getting products and information from all my sources.   With-in a week I had my brother using tinctures, topicals, and gummies. My brother was a fighter, with a positive attitude, and amazingly enough he fought the battle for over nine months. He was able to sustain enough energy to go through seven rounds of chemo!  His doctors were absolutely amazed at how good he looked given what he was going through.  To this day some of NombOne’s best customers are his doctors!

Although my brother lost the battle, I witnessed firsthand the miracles these products can deliver! During his nine-month battle with cancer, I traveled all over the US, doing my homework, and developing a network of the highest quality, with unquestionable integrity, and best products.  NombaOne was Born!!

I’m extremely grateful to say that NombOne has grown larger than life and we are blessed to have customers all over the world.  In November of last year, we logged our 10,000th REPEAT customer on our site and we (at that point) had never advertised.  This growth was all created through word of mouth regarding the positive effects of our products!

To me the greatest benefit is seeing, hearing, and reading about the lives transformed from using our products.  Whether it be the person released from hospice that is still with her family, or the dog that walked around the block for the first time!  I’m truly blessed to be a part of “CBD/Hemp Extract Helping One Household at a Time.”

All we ask is for you to give it a try and share your experience with a friend!

God Bless,